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I’ve been helping clients with their SEO needs for over a decade, in a variety of ways. Some clients need me to train their marketing teams. Some need me to perform the necessary tasks over a course of a several-month long campaign. Most clients just need some advice.

Whatever you need, my main goal is to help you obtain better rankings and to reach more visitors. 

I provide proven-effective, white-hat SEO services that will help your company generate the traffic and sales it needs to be successful. Below you will find past results from my services.

Happy Clients - Past & Present

SEO Consulting and SEO Specialist Client Logos
"I have used James’ services for two different companies over the past several years. He has been very successful in achieving SEO results and increasing the visibility of my websites. My competitors have noticed my superior positioning and I am sure they have spent much more in their efforts to compete with my results. James is also a pleasure to work with. I would recommend James as an SEO expert to anyone."
Scott Nielsen
Scott Nielsen
Vice President

This company took or advice, implemented my recommendations and was able to double traffic after 3 months.

On top of that 97.93% of the traffic is new, unique visitors.

SEO Results 2 - Google Analytics Organic Traffic

This client spend the beginning of the year not getting any traction on the search engines. Turns out they just had to tweak a few things.

1 Consultation Can Double Your Traffic

Monthly SEO advice throughout 2017 has paid off for this client.

Consultation Takes Traffic to a New Level
"We hired James to do an audit of our site after we noticed a drop in our organic traffic. He put together a phenomenal report detailing why we were down in traffic and how to fix the problems. Within a month after correcting the problems according to his plan, our traffic was back up and we were ranking higher than most of our competitors. James knows his stuff!"
Josh Carter
Sam Kim
UX Director

This client was happy with a steady 5,000 visitors a week.

But one day he decided to get some SEO advice. Little did he know he was getting advice to bump up his traffic to 8,000 visitors a week.

Sometimes a second set of eyes is what your company needs to reach new heights.

A Little SEO Advice

Clients often come to me asking if there's anything more they can when it comes to SEO.

I usually find a plethora of things they can do. But more importantly, I can tell them exactly what they SHOULD do in order to double their traffic within months.

Revamp Website and Get More Traffic

This client wasn't sure what was going on with his website. It turned out Google wasn't indexing half of it and just needed to make some technical SEO tweaks for traffic to skyrocket instantly.

Triple Organic Traffic

From 500 clicks a day to 2,500 clicks.

Double Clicks and Impressions
"James Harrison is one of the most dedicated SEO specialists, at the forefront of SEO strategy & has proven his capabilities with the results achieved."
Sam Kim
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

I’ve helped companies rank for thousands of keywords. 

Here are some example search engine keyword ranking achievements.

#1 Keywords

90s tees
micro pave
art brokerage
satellite phones
snoopy paintings
satellite wifi
cat shirts
buy satellite phone
godzilla t shirt
iridium plans
daily tee
music t
orlando artist
portable storage san diego
vintage engagement rings

Top 5 Keywords

taco tuesday
iridium phone
art buyers near me
globalstar satellite
satellite cell phone
pod storage san diego
art resale
isat phone 2
bgan for sale
t shirt websites
thuraya data rates
shop online tees
pod rental san diego
pods san diego
shrimp burrito
enchilada plate

1st Page Keywords

peter lik
leroy neiman
frank sinatra art
fine art near me
dr seuss art
power tray
used satellite phone
mira mesa storage
storage pacific beach
fish tacos
guacamole chips
catering menu near me
chicken tacos near me
lunch specials today

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